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30 days of CoQ10 for $1 Only!!  iherb saudi arabia


“Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) the spark plug of the human body: Just as a car can’t run without that initial spark, the human body can’t get going without CoQ10. It is an essential component of the mitochondria, which produce the power that cells need to divide, move, contract, and perform all their other functions. CoQ10 also plays a critical role in the manufacture of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy that drives all body processes. What’s more, CoQ10 is a very important antioxidant that protects the cells against damage.”



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I bought this for my mother, then for my sister-in-law and … it’s like marriage ‘ till death do you part’ – as in ‘for life’. Not joking – that’s what the doctor indicated – take CoQ10 every day, for the rest of your life – for the heart, blood vessels, energy etc.I have used these for years, but I also not a couple of times when I did not use them for a few months. I was surprised to see my cholesterol rise. Admittedly, there are other causes RE: cholesterol, but it happened two separate times over a few years, so I now faithfully keep CoQ10 in my daily supplements. Doctor’s Best is a reliable producer and works hard on quality control and customer satisfaction.


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This veggie caps are best value and increase energy levels, Fixed Big Discount On each Order !! Just enter the Discount code “KCF222″ on “Enter codes” in checkout cart..Enjoy !A great drug. The Japanese drink it in a mad kolichestva and live almost 100 years. I used to have a very sick heart. And Q10 I was privately from Germany. It was very expensive. Thanks to the website that sells this vital drug at the high price. Though ECG is poor, but I feel that my heart almost hurts. It’s all from the low qualification of doctors. Sincerely Sergei.

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