iherb saudi arabia customers first-time customer discount is expired

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These days some people like me have found these words:”first-time customer discount is expired” when input the coupon code . Now I tell you the reason what it means.

What does it mean ?

Several days ago, iherb coupon policy have changed in 2017: they have remove the first-time customer discount. Before 2017 ,  we know that if you are new to iherb, you can get 10% discount for your first order. That’s really cool for everyon in saudi arabia. If you order over $40, you can also get free shipping! But in 2017 , the first-time customer discount is expired.


Does it have a big impact on my shopping?

NO! I have buy many supplements from iherb. Because it’s best service and good price. The first-time discount only can be used for once time. Just once time, it does’t help me save much money. There’s a good news for us : the first-time discount is expired,  but the prices of the products on iherb will drop ! Every order you can get 10% rewards and can be used on buying on iherb. 


Any suggestions on shopping on iherb in 2017?

Find more discount on my blog! This blog update the iherb deals, coupon info in time. These discount is more bigger than the first-time coupon.

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