In 2017 iherb saudi arabia have some changes لدينا بعض التغيير,يجب أن نعرف هذه التغييرات

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In 2017, iherb saudi arabia لدينا بعض التغيير,يجب أن نعرف هذه التغييرات

When you see this article , it has been a truth: 2016 is past and we are in 2017. The year 2016 is so unusual that give us so many surprising time. The kingdom moves from Europe, Trump become the president of America and …..“The affairs of the world are inconstant”.


As a iherb buyer, i also found some changes on .If you are new to iherb or old customer who may not found those. Don’t be worried, i will show these changes.

The first change is big. Many customers have found that “the first-customer discount is expired” when enter the iherb coupon code . Some buyer ask me about this condition. I found many customers want to know why this happened and what does it mean. I have write a blog to explain it . In a world , the new iherb coupon policy has little influence on us shopping. If you want to check the detail , you can see my article:

iherb saudi arabia customers first-time customer discount is expired

Another change is that iherb saudi arabia website has some change. We can found some area improved.There is a location indication at the top left corner of iherb trending now, iherb best selling and iherb condition:


The daily and weekly deals page become so beautiful! They put the deals, the brands of the week and clearance together.


The last one big change on appearance is the rewards panel .These part become more stable.

If you are new to iherb and want to earn some rewards to buy supplements and health products. In 2017 , i must tell you that iherb is one of the best choice. And i also believe that the iherb rewards(or can be call affiliate program) is one of the best. It’s so easy to join the program without any fussy certification like some affiliate programs.

Go the iherb rewards page to find how easy it is !

before 2017 , you can just earn 5% of every order , but now In 2017, you can earn 10% of every order. That’s very exciting!You can use the rewards to buy supplements on iherb and also can withdraw them as cash if the rewards over $300.

2017 is coming , hope that iherb can bring us more discount and best products.


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